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Quotes from NDE Experts

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P.M.H. Atwater, Researcher and Author of “Beyond the Light,” in which Mellen’s advanced skills are discussed.

“The near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas is the only one I have yet come across where an individual willfully changed the episode’s scenario as it was actually happening. what impresses me the most about Mellen-Thomas is that he dedicated many years, not only to understanding the phenomenon’s after effects, but to controlling and training his newly expended psychic faculties. by opting for discipline instead of notoriety, and keeping himself firmly grounded in the practicality of patented invention, he is now emerging as a clear and steady voice… a solution finder… ready to tackle the most vexing problems of the global community.”

Lee Pulos, Ph.D., Author of “Miracles and Other Realities,” Former President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Senior Psychologist to the Olympic Team Canada.

“Mellen is able, while in trance, to see into microcosmic structures. although he maintains awareness in a hyper-alert state, it is clear that he is able to simultaneously span several octaves of consciousness, from which he can acquire biological information that is extraordinary.”

Dr. Kenneth Ring
, Author of “Heading Toward Omega; The Omega Project”

“Mellen-Thomas has the big picture.”
“His story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in extensive research on near-death experiences. It is very rare that those who have died and returned have seen into the future to the extent that Mellen has. His vision of the future is one of hope. He has participated in studies of a Major University, where he contributed to understanding the structure of genes and chromosome coding for a genetic disease, while researchers puzzled over how he could have access to this information.”

Dr. Janice Holden
, with the University of North Texas and president of International Association of near-death Studies (IANDS).

"Mellen-Thomas, under hypnosis, was able to give accurate information about and draw the genetic makeup of a rare neuromuscular disease. I was astounded by this. It’s not the kind of thing where one could cheat."

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